Source Control Management

Source control management is a key concept that enables developers work together where they can review each others code, develop new features without breaking each others implementations or doing the same work twice. git is the main SCM (source control management) tool that we use in BISS to store and share our code.

Most of the companies have their own guides and criteria for using the git based on their needs and requirements, for creating a better environment for developers and testers to work. In BISS, we have our own guides on how to use the git (with GitLab) that has been decided by the team to meet their requirements. Those guides are:

It can be seen that these guides are prepared with high flexibility in mind to serve all the different needs that might come using different technologies. They are also live guides meaning they evolve and change with new requirements and needs coming from our teams. At any given time, BISS uses these guides for source control management on their projects, thus, they form the standard and ensures the quality of our projects.