C++ Coding Guideline

This page contains data about how we refactor, format and write our code with C++.

We decided not to invent wheel again and again so that, we’re using every clang tools as base tool in our projects. Firstly, we’ll start with how we format our code.

  • There’re two major tool(IDE or Editor) that we use currently: VS Code and Eclipse. You might know that VS Code has internal clang format support. Only thing that you should do is adding your clang-format file into project folder(Name of file must be like this: .clang-format ). For Eclipse, you need a simple plugin. You can follow this guideline to use with it.

  • As we said before, no need to reinvent the wheel. There are generally accepted coding standards. LLVM, Google, Mozilla and list go on. We decided to continue with LLVM but it needs some fixes.

  • At BISS, we’re using this formatter for C/C++ Project. Please don’t alter any line of this file without noticing Process Design team.

    • You can also check this interactive web tool in order to see what LLVM applies on your code. Just select BasedOnType as LLVM.