Wednesday Breakfasts

Wednesday is BISS’s breakfast day, right in the middle of the week. Unlike any other day, we mark it on our calendars, everyone tries to be in the office, and we prepare breakfast together, chatting while wrapping simit around our eggs.

The main goal is to take time for each other amidst the busyness of work and life, to chat, listen to each other, and unwind. We specifically chose breakfast for this. Breakfast holds a special place in our culture. We love preparing diverse breakfasts with various ingredients for our loved ones, and on those breakfast tables, we enjoy long conversations. Especially on Sunday mornings, the whole family gathers for breakfast, sharing laughter and warmth, feeling the joy of being together.

Wednesday morning breakfasts at BISS are like a family reunion on a Sunday morning.

Every Wednesday at 8:30 am, we all gather in the kitchen. Everyone takes on a task. Some chop cucumbers and tomatoes, others take plates and set the tables. Meanwhile, one person goes to get fresh simit for our breakfast. Every Wednesday, we have fried eggs on our table, and if our boss is in the office, he always make it.

After all the preparations, we continue our breakfast with music and lively conversations. We enjoy the breakfast we prepared together and then clean up together.

Being together, sharing something outside of work, and having conversations give us a sense of peace and happiness.歹