About Teams

So how does BISS run? Who is responsible of all of these?

Actually WE. You, me and all of us! We are stronger together! We are not waiting things to handle by themselves.
We have teams to handle non-project responsibilities. Everyone has at least one team. Thanks to these teams, all work is done by the whole team.

  • Organization & PR Team
    They are responsible for our happiness and sharing it with the others. If you have an idea that contributes to the happiness of everybody, now you know whom to go! Please add our event calendar to your calendar!

  • Office Network & Cloud Team
    If you come to this point, you have already met with someone from our lovely team(thanks to them again). If you still have some questions to them, please check their gitlab page if it’s in their scope and you can get support easily by opening a task on their board.

  • Training Team
    There is always something new to learn! So we have BISS ACADEMY! Follow their weekly journal for more!

  • Resource Planning Team
    Our whole capacity is managed by them!

  • Process Design Team
    Way of working, git strategies and all other proccesses are designed by them.

  • Technology Team
    Our technical quality and used technologies in our projects are in their hands.

  • Recruitment Team
    You have just become our new teammate, thanks to them!

Of course we are not done! Click for the detailed information: teams.