Travel Rules


  • If it is a client visit, make sure the travel dates are confirmed by the client as soon as possible. This is important not only from the ticket & hotel costs’ perspective, but also for the client contact person to be able to plan his agenda in time.

  • Check the travel dates with your manager as well.

  • Once the dates are confirmed (written confirmation, if possible), book the flight and hotel as soon as possible. Now, this is for cost saving, of course :-)

  • Add Company Calendar to your Calendar and feed your travel information into the Calendar, so that your colleagues can see when and where you will be. This might seem unnecessary but wait until we are 50 people ;-)

  • Claim your Per Diem at least 3 days before traveling. Check out Per Diem. If not claimed within the given time, you travel from your own pocket and get Per Diem after the travel, together with your other expenses. See Employee Expenses

  • Confirm with your mobile operator that you can use your phone abroad as well.

  • Make sure you have the contact information of your local colleagues, other than their names and email addresses ;-).


  • Don’t forget that your BISS Team is always with you, no matter what happens, where it happens or whether it is your fault or not. DO CONTACT YOUR MANAGER ASAP, day or night, for any problem you are stuck with. We got you ;-)

  • Collect the bills and invoices for all of your spendings, whether or not it is covered by your Per Diem. For a list of things covered by BISS, check this out.

  • Try to enjoy your time as well; drink some local beer or enjoy a nice cup of cappuccino together with a pice of tiramisu (and tell your friends about it :-))

  • Always keep in mind that you represent:

    • Yourself
    • Your project team
    • Your company, BISS, yey! :-)_
    • Your country, Yes, this may seem odd, but hey, you are in another country with different culture! and think before acting. If you are not sure about anything, ask your teammates and your manager.


  • Share some love, and don’t forget to bring something for your colleagues. :-)

  • Enter your expenses into the system. Check out Employee Expenses

  • Give all the hard copies of the invoices/bills to your manager in an envelope, with your name written on it.