Let's Start!


This is the sacred document of BISS that has the answers to all the “What? Why? How? When?” questions. It is a live document that grows and evolves based on how we spent our days in company.


If you have any questions about something related to the company, from something like “How to git?” to “Where are the coffee mugs in the office?”, you can find it here. If the answer that you are looking for is not present, you are obliged to create a section and give us the information on how to find that coffee mug!

This concept was adopted from the GitLab where they try to record everything related to company. However, we extended it by adding things like “Way of working”, “Tooling” or “Process Design” types of concepts in order to create the ultimate document for everything about the BISS. In that manner, this document is aimed to feel both like manual and wiki.