Definition of Ready

What is Definition of Ready? Definition of Ready is the properties required for a task to be started. It has to be clear, open and transparent. What are the perspectives that have to be covered? User Story / Task Sprint Test User Story / Task Perspective User story has to cover all necessary items which are based on INVEST principles. Invest principles items; Independent(of all others) Negotiable(not a contract for specific feature) Valuable(a vertical slice - feature ownership) Estimable(to decent approximation) Small(enough to fit in a single iteration) Testable(even if the tests don’t exist yet) Accept an user story is ready, below items have to covered by the user story; »

Definition of Done

What is Definition of Done? The Definition of Done is an agreed upon set of items that must be completed before a project, user story, test case, deployment steps etc. can be considered complete. It is applied consistently and serves as an official gate separating things from being “in progress” to “done.” What are the perspectives that have to be covered? Development Test Deployment Documentation Development Perspective Code have to be written by following defined code formatting. »

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria are the conditions that a software product must meet to be accepted by a user, a customer, or other system. They are unique for each user story and define the feature behavior from the end-user’s perspective. Well-written acceptance criteria help avoid unexpected results in the end of a development stage and ensure that all stakeholders and users are satisfied with what they get. Main purposes of the Acceptance Criteria is clarifying the stakeholder’s requirements. »