How to Create a Bank Account

There are two ways to open a bank account in Garanti Bank:

The Old-fashioned way

Go to your nearest Garanti Bank branch, here is the closest to our office in Levent:


  • Your Turkish National ID card.
  • Your "4a Provizyon" health insurance issued by BosphorusISS or any document that states your working status over there.
  • A working cell phone number in your name.

Bank personel will guide you throughout the whole process and have you electronically sign the contract. Bank personel will ask you to download Garanti Bank's Mobile app and send you a one-time-only used password to login and manually and change it.

Your are asked by BosphorusISS to open both a Turkish Lira and a Euro account which you can do by yourself via the bank's mobile application, follow the steps below:

The Remote way

You can open your bank account without going to the bank using Garanti Bank's mobile application following these steps: